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Will has over 36 years’ experience in the telecom industry. He has held many technical and leadership roles in several of the industry’s largest companies including; Verizon and Frontier Communications, where he was known for operational innovation and the building of championship teams. Will joined Comspan Communications Inc in 2015 and spearheaded the creation and spin off of National Lightnet LLC. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Management and Accounting. He is active in his community and has spent many years fundraising for numerous scholarship programs and other children’s charities. Will lives with his wife and best friend, Betty and enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren, traveling and tinkering on old cars.

Will Burge, President and COO, Seattle Washington

Customer Advocacy Manager, Seattle Washington Nancy has worked in the telecom industry for 20 years previously holding management positions with GTE, Verizon and Frontier Communications. She has held various positions in the business office, the Dispatch Operations center and Technical Operations. This gives Nancy a well-rounded view of process and product. Nancy brings to National LightNet a love of the business and her customers and works tirelessly to make the customer experience a great one. Nancy Loves watching old movies and spending time with her many grandchildren.

Nancy Murdock Customer Advocacy Manager, Seattle Washington

Mark has been in the telecom industry for more than 30 years and is known within the industry as a startup and turnaround maven. He got his start back in the long distance days and has been a driving force in our industry ever since. Mark has a degree in accounting from the Monterey Institute. Mark has served on the board of Incompas (formally Comptel) since its inception and has worked diligently with others to ensure we all enjoy the benefits of healthy competition within the telecom space. Mark grew up in Philadelphia and enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with friends and family

Mark Scully CEO, Incline Village Nevada

"Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy." - Gretta Palmer

Rex has spent 7 years building and maintaining Comspan’s Fiber to the home network and now manages network operations and network services groups. Rex previously owned and managed a hardwood manufacturing company and has been a tech enthusiast most of his life. Rex is a dedicated, innovative manager who never minds rolling up his sleeves and jumping in. Rex enjoys spending time with his family, practicing martial arts and volunteering regularly as a counselor at his church.

Rex Heard, Network operations and MNP Manager, Roseburg Oregon

John Disrude has been a technology enthusiast for over 30 years. He was with Comspan Communications for 13 years before joining National LightNet in 2015. John is creative, innovative and works tirelessly for his company and his customers. His current roles at National LightNet include; New Product Development, Network Operations and Outside Plant Management. John loves cooking, is an active nature adventurer and is committed to preserving our nation’s wilderness treasures.

John Disrude, Network Operations Manager Roseburg Oregon

Matt has been involved in building and maintaining Comspan Communications’ Fiber to the home network throughout southern Oregon for over 7 years. Matt has been instrumental in leading the design and growth of the National LightNet Fiber back bone. Matt was educated in Computer Information Systems at Umpqua Community College and works diligently at his charitable interests which include; CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Battered Persons Advocacy, and The Boys and Girls Club. Matt turned his home brewing hobby into a successful business with his brand “Old Highway 99” on tap handles at restaurants and pubs across southern Oregon. This makes Matt our very own Beer Engineer as well.

Matt Hill, Network Engineer Roseburg Oregon

"You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day." - Jeffrey Gitomer

No one knows for sure, but it is rumored that Wattson was developed in Alexander Graham Bell’s lab just before the turn of the twentieth century. It is thought that Brightbot was actually the assistant Bell was referencing when he exclaimed, “Wattson!” on the first voice call. What we do know for sure is that Wattson has held many technical positions within the industry for over a century allowing him to gain valuable experience and formulate his revolutionary "Concierge Approach" to customer service. Wattson now joins the National LightNet team as our Vice President of Customer Care.

Wattson Brightbot, VP of Customer Care/Developer and Leader of the Concierge Team

Terry comes to us from Frontier Communications, Verizon and GTE and has over 26 years in the telecom industry. Terry has held both Managerial and Technical positions including Cable Splicer, I&R Technician, Technical Operations Supervisor and Local Operations Manager and has exceptional expertise in process, procedures, Technician Management and an astute ability to "WOW" her customers.

Terry Senn, Product Engineer, Seattle Washington

Damon Started his career with Wizards Magicnet as a Network Tech before coming to Comspan 7 Years ago. He now leads the Tier 3 support team at National LightNet Prior to that Damon served our country as an M1A1 Tanker in the United States Army and Worked in IT for the Title & Escrow industry for 15 years. Damon has many duties but believes the most important one he has is making sure his customers get quick and efficient support for troubles and installations. In addition to leading the NOC tech team Damon loves to help the engineering team with our wireless backhaul and hospitality wifi deployments. Damon likes to game online and go play on the Oregon Dunes with his family, friends and sand toys. Throwing a little sand around helps him unwind.

Damon DePriest, NOC Lead/Tier 3 Support, Roseburg Oregon

"Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer's expectations." - John Jantsch

Cliff has worked in the Telecom industry for 25 years. Holding positions as a Field Installer, Switch Technician, Director of Operations and CPE/Switch Manager. He specializes in VoIP/Voice switching, and combating hackers. In his spare time, he enjoys stunt kites on the beach, barbecues, family, learning, and motorcycles.

Cliff Farley, Manager of Voice Switching and CPE, Roseburg Oregon

Phil Is a Veteran of the US Army and has a CIS degree from UCC Roseburg. Before joining NLN Phil held both technical and managerial roles in the business PBX and the wireless industries and is valued part of the NLN team. On the personal side he loves to cook, bake, and has spent many years supporting the kids of the RHS marching band.

Phil Dean, Voice and Wireless Sales Engineer

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